I’m an electrician for more than 10 years. After studying electrical engineering, I went abroad to the U.S. to seek my fortune. I started to work as an electrician apprentice. The job was difficult at first, but very fascinating at the same time. Maximum attention had to be given to every project because of high standard requirements. After breaking the language barrier and adapting to the local market, I was given an opportunity to supervise residential and commercial projects.
However, I soon found that working for someone else is not fulfilling for me. I left this comfortable position and began my self-employment journey. With the experience I gained, I began working as a electrical subcontractor for construction companies and also worked with some prominent architects. I specialized in electrical installation in the construction of residences for affluent clients. Within a few years, we completed a number of residential as well as commercial projects. Some of these projects were published in architecture magazines and you can also see some of them in our portfolio.
After returning back to the Czech republic, I engaged in construction. After a short period of time I discovered that even though I enjoy this work, I am more inclined to the electrical business.
So I looked around for opportunities, created team with another talented electrician, and today, we‘re able to offer you our top-notch service.

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